Vid: Sala USA by Abigail Washburn, Kai Welch and the Shanghai Restoration Project

Video: Abigail Washburn and Co. sing Sala USA

Abigail Washburn and a collective of musicians¬† Kai Welch & The Shanghai Restoration Project (Dave Liang) w/ Kevin Dailey, Jamie Dick, Rayna Gellert, Brittany Haas, Alana Rocklin & Mrs. Biggers’ 2nd grade Julia Green Elementary School class)¬† made a recording for Patagonia Music to raise money for environmental causes near and dear. We recorded SALA USA to raise money for Jane Goddall’s China branch of the Roots and Shoots program.¬† After shows alot of people ask where they can get a recording of our live performance of Sala.

Original link to the making of video is here.

For anyone having trouble viewing that, it’s here:
Sala USA. Abigail Washburn featuring Kai Welch and the Shanghai Restoration Project

Kai Welch’s website