Photos: JinLi Street lantern festival and Scottish dancing

Photos: Scottish dance on JinLi Street during Lantern Festival, Feb 2011

The two final pics show the lantern festival in full flow.  Below the photos is a Google-translated text about the appearance of this troupe of Scottish dancers and musicians at JinLi street near Wuhou Temple in the centre of Chengdu.
Photos by Graham Bannerman
Google-translated text on the event:
“This large temple, specially invited from the Scottish bagpipe performance. Centuries-old Scottish bagpipe, known as Scotland’s totem is the pride of the people of Scotland and is the only representative of Scottish military band in the British Empire in the instrument. The Scottish bagpipe performance, a large temple over the years, the most inviting to foreign actors, the largest one, the purpose is to show the tourists the most authentic Scottish national classic.
30 performing artists from Scotland, will take the international flights, arrived on Jan. 31 in Chengdu. New Year’s Day to the fourth day, a large temple site in the melodious flute in the wind, turned into Scotland prairie, across the pastoral soul of the nation of Scotland!
A reference to Scotland, you would think? Shenyang is a small set of wearing plaid skirt, or a glass of whiskey with ice, or the movie “Titanic” theme song in the soul-stirring music of bagpipes? And whether you want to share the scene to listen to Scottish bagpipe unique mildly touching, or just want to chart a fresh excitement to see the Scottish men wear skirts look like what is, when the 30 performing artists dressed in red cell Scotland Huaqun uniforms, wearing hats decorated with feathers, hair, feet with wool socks, body hung in Scotland’s unique shawls and purses, blown on the stage in the large temple chic style, melodious tones of bagpipes, you will feel the most real the Scottish!”